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Bed Bug Detection Dogs

Within the hotel, hospitality, travel industry and private residences, bed bugs are becoming a more difficult problem to control.

The fall out from this problem can be costly and image shattering.

Academic research shows that infestations are manageable if caught within the first 90 days. After that time the growth rate and population number could drastically increase.

Our dog units are trained in detecting bed bugs quickly, efficiently, with minimal disruption and with a higher detection rate than by humans alone.

Proactive measures and early detection not only reduce costs of dealing with the problem but also show a due diligence and duty of care in protecting your venues or areas. We can supply records and evidence of our search work that you can provide should a complaint or law suite arise.

Our dog units are not pest control officers and are used as an aid to indication thus showing we have no advantage of indicating a false positive and only offering you a valued and professional service.

Our dog units are unmarked and will never be identified as a bed bug detection dogs to anyone at any time.

    Why use bed bug detection dog services?

  • Pro active showing due diligence and duty of care in your industry
  • Cost reduction for early detection and treatment there after
  • Higher accuracy rate than human detection alone
  • Not tied to a pest control company so offering you a professional and valued service
  • Minimal disruption, efficient and discreet service

Please get in touch with us for more details.

With summer approaching it's time again to consider your dog's well being whilst in the car. In conjunction with Jam Jar IT we are able to supply and fit a wide range of cooling solutions to cars & vans.

Twin fans in Ford Mondeo BMW 3 Series with Twin Fans and Lighting

The fans, lighting & cabling are all fitted as descretely as possible and as close to manufacturer levels of finish as possible. Take a look at Jam Jar IT's website for further details and pictures or call on:

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