Beat the summer heat with our cooling solutions

CALAS - Cooling And Lighting Automated System

Welcome to our newest product range the CALAS. With this system it is now possible to accurately monitor the well being of your dogs whatever the temperature. We can install a fully automated system of fans and lighting for almost any vehicle or cage system.

We offer a number of choices to a user to allow for full automation or manual control. We can output temperatures and vehicle voltages in real time so you always know the status of your dogs.

Our basic system for a 2 cage system comprises of the following:

  • 2x 140mm fans capable of moving over 90cfm each
  • 2x temperature sensors for twin cage systems
  • A LCD display showing temperatures, voltage and status
  • Voltage monitoring to always know the state of vehicle battery
  • Audiable alerts for high temperature and low voltage
  • Fully waterproof LED lighting for night work

We are able to offer a number of upgrades and customisations depending on customer requirements.

  • SMS text alerts
  • Web interface remote control
  • External secondary battery which will not flatten your vehicle battery

    Reasons for using CALAS:
  • Unmatched airflow into cages
  • Lighting for night time working
  • Temperature display for animal welfare
  • Audiable alerts for temperature and voltage
  • Plug and Play - no hardwiring required
  • Compact and robust equipment - design for dog handlers by dog handlers